Our mission

Each house is built of bricks and beams. Home is created out of love and dreams, as one famous proverb says. And when it comes to building a warm home in a beautiful, elegant and comfortable way – we try to meet this need through our well-designed, compact and quality furniture.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals who aim to offer their clients a really different and unique product for each home and office. Our main focus is quality of workmanship, for this we rely on high quality materials.
Each product is created individually to satisfy the requirements and expected results of our customers.

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Our goals

Our goal is to produce high quality furniture combining modern notes to satisfy any restaurant, bar, shop, office or residence. In addition to our clients, we take the same care for nature. That is why we at Krafterz want to announce that with each tree used for craftsmanship, it is sent back to its rightful place – NATURE!

We will be glad to hear your ideas